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Water Filters

Here are my favourite and top product options on the market. Listed in order of best option to least. Ideally, you want to invest in a whole house filter, but that is not always doable, depending on the stage of life you are in. My top choice is PureEffect; they have everything from shower filters to countertop filters, sink filters, or whole house filtration. I wish I had known of them earlier. Once I live in a house and not an apartment set up, this will be what I get. For now, I have the Berkey for filtered water and it works great for what we need; more info below.

While Reverse Osmosis water filtration systems are powerful, they remove all the substances from tap water, both bad and good.  That is why Reverse Osmosis systems are considered filters of last resort.

 pure effect.jpeg


#1 option: Variety of filtration systems, for both under the sink and on the countertop. Doen't waste water.


Shower Filter



My Tap Score

Test your water with high quality testing.



Reverse osmosis, great for an on counter water filter

Don't forget to add trace minerals to the water afterwards.


Bath Filter



Berkey Water


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Water Pitcher

A low cost option, peace of mind your drinking and cooking water is clean. 20% discount, use the READ code.

More Info:


  • AquaTru water purifier was tested to NSF standards by IAPMO, an independent testing laboratory, to remove 82 contaminants throughout the recommended filter life.  Although a reverse osmosis filter wastes water and takes 10-15 minutes to filter one gallon of water, it can be a great choice if your water is very contaminated, if you are in between residences, or if you can’t install a filter under the sink.



  • The biggest advantage of Berkey is that it can work without electricity and does not demineralize water. 

  • On the other hand, there are several things to bear in mind when you look at Berkey’s water test reports.  The way the testing was designed might produce an impression that Berkey filters remove all contaminants, including PFAS, chlorine, and chloramine, which carbon filters usually cannot do. Carbon filters do, however, generally perform better when removing volatile organic compounds.

  • Berkey filters use activated alumina to deal with fluoride.  However, it only removes fluoride depending on your tap water's pH.  Thus, it works best with water whose pH is between 5 and 7 and at a slower flow rate.  Yet most tap water pH is higher than that (around 8). Therefore, if you need to remove fluoride from your water you need to test the pH of your water to see if this method is the best for you. For me, it's not a concern because my tap water does not contain fluoride.

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