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Kids Natural Medicine Cabinet

These are supplements I have in my house as a mother. Personalized supplement plans are only available to my private clients. Check out my website for info on how to work with me.

Links to Earthley are affiliate links & links to FullScript is for my online dispensary where you can get deals on the product when you sign-up.


Infant Tummy Relief

Brand: Earthley
Ages 0 - 13+
Used this since day one with my baby girl whenever her tummy seems uncomfortable.


Feel Better Fast

Brand: Earthley

Ages 1+


Brand: Earthley
Ages 1+
Not a sedative, helps kids relax & be calm.



Brand: Nordic Naturals

download (6).jpeg

Black Elderberry Syrup

Brand: Gaia


Chest Rub

Brand: Eco Chic


Lemon Balm

Brand: Vimergy
Use when kid has cold or flu. Specific dose depends on age.



Brand: Hawaii Pharm
Always buy alcohol-free tinctures.


Teeth Tamer

Brand: Earthley
Ages 4 month+
Saved me with my early teething child.


Magnesium Lotion Sensitive

Brand: Earthley

Ages 0+
Rub on belly. Use to help with sleep & if constibation is an issue with baby or child.


Vit B12

Great daily support
Age 1+

download (7).jpeg

Ear Oil

Brand: Herb Pharm
Great for ear infections.

download (5).jpeg

Bronchial Syrup

Brand: Gaia



Homeopathy good to use if infant, kid or adult has a fever.



Brand: Vimergy
Use when kid has cold or flu. Specific dose depends on age.


Herbal Multivitamin

Brand: Earthley
Age 1+


Brand: Earthley
Ages 1+
Support during allergy season and calm allergic reactions.


Zinc Kids

Brand: Vimergy
Great for daily immune support.


Propolis Throat Spray for Kids

Brand: Beekeepers


First Aid Gel

Brand: Sovereign Silver


Homeopath First Aid Kit

Homeopathic first aid kit, good for the whole family.



Brand: Hawaii Pharm
Always buy alcohol-free tinctures.


Making your own herbal shot for your children is so powerful; this is where using lemon balm, goldenseal, mullein, and lomatium are so powerful. Since the doses are age-dependent, it's not safe for me to recommend you doses on this free website when I do not know your child. So either consult your doctor, book a consult with me or follow the instructions on the bottle. If you are new to natural medicine and don't know how to dose tinctures, I highly recommend you use the Earthley Product that gives you that information. The have a wide range of amazing herbal remedies fo your kids that I have share here, and I use them too.

Lemon Balm & Goldenseal are powerful herbs for cold & flus.

Mullein has powerful anti-bacterial and expectorant properties that have the ability to substantially remove phlegm from the lungs and mucous from the body. Highly effective remedy for individuals who are suffering from bronchitis, lung congestion, colds, flu, asthma, emphysema, whopping cough, or any other respiratory ailment. 

Lomatium is a powerful herbal antibiotic that is highly effective for respiratory ailments such as COPD, pneumonia, tuberculosis, bronchitis, chronic cough, and asthma.

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