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Sleep Hacks

Resources and products I use to get a better night's sleep.

The sleep mask blocks out light, zero eye pressure & gives full deep touch pressure therapy.

The sleep+ BLUblox are the red glasses that block out all blue light, so your melatonin production isn't interfered with.

Mouth tape trains me to breathe through my nose throughout the night instead of my mouth, better night sleep & no more dry mouth.

My two favourite apps for sleep are & Primed Mind (both are subscriptions & well worth the price). I use "relax" setting when I am reading or relaxing before bed and while I am getting ready for bed. I will use the "sleep" setting if I don't use earplugs (which I'll be using once I have my baby, LOL). And I have used it while flying & travelling. As for the Primed Mind, I used to help me sleep once I was in bed & ready to sleep. It truly allows me to turn off my mind & sleep, especially those nights I am sleeping by myself without my husband. Plus, I also love the power nap one for naps during the day.

Apollo Neuro is a gadget that has changed my life. I use it to relax & sleep at night, especially during pregnancy, as I don't take herbal supplements.


Sleep Mask


Mouth Tape




BLUblox Sleep+

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Primed Mind App


Chamomile Tea


Mouth Tape


Brain Fm App

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