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Hair Care Products

The majority of organic and non-toxic hair products contain pore-clogging ingredients. This is an issue if you get acne along the hairline. For those of you that have blonde hair probably use purple shampoo, which is very toxic. dpHUE is a great alternative to purple shampoo and it does not contain any pore-clogging ingredients. I try to use the CLEAN and NON-TOXIC products, but I also want them to work. Some of these products do contain oils, so I am careful to keep a towel on my back or wear a robe. I wash my upper body last in the shower after I've finished using the hair products & do my facial skincare routine after partially blow-drying my hair. This prevents me from getting any breakouts.

If you are struggling with damaged hair that needs a lot of repair I recommend you check out OLAPLEX products. I have personally not used this product because I have never over-treated or over-styled my hair. If my hair needed extra support I would try this though. I have heard amazing things about the product, so it is worth mentioning it here.

I only wash my hair every 10-14 days, so dry shampoo is really important for me.

If you are interested in training your hair to go longer between washes go follow @jasmineraehairco the HairCare Queen. This has also allowed me to let my hair grow back long & strong again. P.S. look at her highlights on Instagram (Washing, Pre & Post, Sleep Hair)

I listed the products in order of importance. Of course, the first 3 are must-haves. I wish I knew how important a leave-in conditioner was before.

*all links associated with the Detox Market are affiliate links (for any purchases made through the links I make a small commission at no extra cost to you. Thanks for supporting my business. I appreciate your support!)



Brand: dpHUE


Hair Oil



Hair Mask


Use 1-2x month


Dry Shampoo

Not the cleanest product, but works great for those wanting a spray.



Brand: dpHUE


Sea Salt Spray


It lasts me 1 year + 4 months.


Dry Shampoo

Use in-between hair washes.

This works great, I use it at night before bed.



Leave-In Conditioner


Product lasts me 1 year + 4 mths.


Heat Prep Spray


Apply before using heat to hair.


Dry Shampoo

My second option for dry shampoo, find Briogeo easier to use.


Hair Tools

Top hair tool must-haves is a GOOD brush & quality Hair Dryer for your roots.

Check out my blog post + YouTube video on how I use these products & why they are important.

My top recommended brush is the Rock & Riddle brush because it is all-in-one. Meaning you only need this one brush for wet hair & dry hair. It's great because it scrapes the scallop & lifts up your dry scallop really well (important for hair training).
Plus, it's as good as the Mason Pearson Brush (which is like $250) AND it's super easy to clean which means it will last longer & you don't need to worry about MOLD build-up behind the brush.

I have personally bought all 5 of these brushes and depending on what you prefer & what your budget is - you've got options :)


All-in 1 Brush

$54.99 US
The BEST Brush, get the Luxury Brush (Brand: Rock & Ruddle)
PLUS, can take the pad out, so it's easy to clean & lasts longer. NO hidden MOLD.


Le Volume 75MM

Has a cool setting which it so is important to not overheat treat hair. **have not bought yet but on my list.


Hair Dryer

I pick this brand b/c quality is important. I just blow-dry the roots in the opposite direction it grows.


Wet Brush

Use: after washing hair with leave-in conditioner

$5 US


Curling Wand

25 mm

Holds a curl longer which means less washing & heat treating.


Boar Bristle Brush

The bristles help distribute natural oils and reduce the appearance of greasy scalps. Brush morning & night. $9 US

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