These are general recommendations I recommend to everyone. Personalized supplement plans are only available to my private clients. Check-out my website for info on how to work with me.

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Basic Monthly Supplement Plan

2 DNS (vitamins + protein)

1 Veggie Powder


Deep Sleep

Use as need for stressful time periods or coming off of shift work.


Liquid Vitamin D

Most of us do not get enough sun on a daily bases.


Recommended Monthly Supplement Plan

2 DNS + 1 Veggie Powder + 1 Probiotic + 1 omega-3


Ultimate Deep Sleep

This bundle "turns off your mind," so you can fall asleep.


UTI Plan

Struggle with urinary tract - this plan has you covered!


Functional Medicine Detox

This is the seasonal detox I recommend everyone do. 


Complete Prenatal Supplement Plan

Supports each phase of pregnancy.

*Only take iron once pregnant.

About Me

Hi I'm Rani! I am an integrative health practitioner, certified nutritional practitioner, and personal trainer.
I specialize in help women in their 20’s/30’s have FLAWLESS periods & optimize their fertility, so they can have a healthy pregnancy. I also specialize in helping firefighters perform at their peak by getting fit + eating real food + managing stress.

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