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Baby/Kids Personal Care Products

Here are my top baby and kid product recommendations and I've used them all.

I love the diaper cream by Earthley for in the diaper bag and the Eco Chic diaper cream for at home with the open lid.

Otherwise, I mostly use Attitude Living for baby and kids' personal care products as they are very gentle on the skin and are a great price. I use the following items:

  • Biodegradable Baby Wipes and Diapers (I have these on a monthly subscription)

  • Body Lotion

  • Body Wash

  • Bubble Bath


 Diaper Cream

Brand: Earthley


Diaper Cream

Brand: eco chic
Ottawa (Canada Brand)


Chest Rub

Brand: eco chic

baby (1).webp

Baby Powder

Brand: Earthley


Skin Condition

Brand: eco chic


Chest Rub

Naturally fight yeast. It can help with cradle cap and yeast diaper rashes.


Magnesium Lotion Sensitive

Brand: Earthley
Use on belly before bed to help with sleep.


Face Cream

Brand: eco chic


All Diapers & Wipes

Brand: Attitude
All biodegradable & the diapers hold a lot of pee. One of my monthly subscriptions.

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