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Oral Care

All products are perfect for men and women to use. If your toothpaste contains essential oils, make sure you rinse & spit out the toothpaste. For kids, make sure it does not contain essential oils. Boka Orange flavour does not contain essential oils and is safe for kids.

Check out Dr. Staci for Dentil Health information and she works with children, so she always has great tips if you're a mom. She also has discount codes for Boka & cocofloss (20% off). Plus, 15% off for Elementa Silver mouthwash & 10% of RiseWell products.

Check out empoweredautoimmune for Oral Essentials discount code.

2021: As of right now Oral Essentials does not ship internationally (US only shipping), so you will need to use third-party shipping to get the product. I use


Tooth Paste

Brand: Boka (US company)

Dr. Staci has a 20% off code


Alkalizing Mouthwash

Brand: RiseWell

pH balancing mouthwash is made to work with the oral ecosystem, not against it,



Not compostible but it is free of parabens, SLS, and PFAS. Cruelty-free!

WhiteningPenUpright-shadowsCropped_750x_2x (1).png

Ultra-Bright Pen

Brand: Oral Essentials

A dual-action stain fighter, without making your teeth sensitive.


Water Floss

Brand: Burst


Tooth Paste

Brand: Georganics

UK company & compostable packaging

DOCSTACI15 15% off.jpeg

Mouth Wash

Brand: Elementa Silver

Fight cavities

Dr. Staci has a 15% off code


Biodegradable Floss

Brand: Lucky Teeth

I use this one. If your teeth are tightly together this is probably not the best option.


Kids Toothpaste

Brand: RiseWell

Remineralizing toothpaste.


Tooth Paste

Brand: Lucky Teeth

US company & glass/recyclable packaging


Remineralizing Floss

Brand: RiseWell

World's first remineralizing HA floss. Artificial flavours, teflon, & petroleum-based wax free. VEGAN


Whitening Stips

Brand: Oral Essentials

Enamel safe & microbiome friendly.


Tooth Brush

Brand: Burst


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